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New Album Streams Now Available

Post -Truth and Black Daisy Wheel

Both new albums, “Post -Truth” and “Black Daisy Wheel” are now available to stream on all of the big streaming services.

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Bleep Mix // The Black Dog

“The mix was recorded at an illegal party on the edge of Sheffield, an old farmers barn in the middle of nowhere. We went on early as we wanted 3hrs to build the crowd up and get everyone dancing. We spent our time watching the crowd and mixing to get them up. After 30 minutes we had the place rocking for 3hrs, it was a real buzz, nothing beats that feeling. The DJ after us cleared the floor by playing drillcore, after 45 minutes the party was over. The promoter was well pissed off”
The Black Dog

The Black Dog – Live At Photon 01/04/18

Black Daisy Wheel by The Black Dog (available on Dust Science, 25th May 2018)

The Black Dog – Live At Photon 01/04/18
01. Shlomi Aber – Interior – Be As One
02. The Black Dog – Black Daisy Wheel – Dust Science
03. The Black Dog – Timmy O & Gem P – Dust Science
04. The Black Dog – Shards Ov Light [Part 1] – Dust Science
05. Autechre – Eutow (tBd Re-Edit) – Warp
06. The Black Dog – Tell Me What You Remember (feat. Emika) (Variation 1) – Dust Science
07. VII Circle – Nobody can Escape from Himself (Original Mix) – Rapid Eye Movement
08. The Black Dog – Nothing Ever Changes – Dust Science
09. Max Cooper – Veil Of Time – Mesh
10. Stars of the Lid – Apreludes (in C Sharp Major) – Kranky
11. Sophia Saze – Dawn – Dusk & Haze
12. The Black Dog – Out Of Reach (Fragment) – Dust Science
13. Plaster – Casual Encounter – Kvitnu
14. The Black Dog – Cognitive Dissident – Dust Science
15. 3KZ – Please, Stay – Fides
16. The Black Dog – Truncated – Dust Science
17. The Black Dog – Autohoaxer – Dust Science

New T-Shirt for “Black Daisy Wheel”

Black Daisy Wheel T-Shirts, exclusively at DustStore.comTo celebrate the upcoming release of “Black Daisy Wheel” and “Post -Truth”, we’re doing a limited run of brand new t-shirts.

Printed on top quality American Apparel Unisex t-shirts and available in a wide range of sizes. Only a limited number will be produced so get your order in early to guarantee your size. Moody models not included.

The t-shirts will be released with the albums on the 25th May 2018 and pre-orders are available now, exclusively from

Exclusive Pin Badges!

New T-Shirts - Black Daisy Wheel - available exclusively at DustStore.comFancy getting your mitts on some of our new pin badges? Of course you do!

To celebrate the launch of “Black Daisy Wheel” and “Post -Truth”, we’ve decided to give-away a little treat. Just order one of the new albums (on Limited Vinyl or CD) or the new t-shirt from and you’ll get a set of three completely free!

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Black Daisy Wheel

Black Daisy Wheel by The Black Dog (available on Dust Science, 25th May 2018)

Available on Limited Edition Vinyl, CD, 16bit and 24bit High-Resolution Downloads. Released 25th May 2018.

Full Details: Dust Science
Pre-Order at
Pre-Order at Bandcamp:

“Black Daisy Wheel” is just one half of the story, “Post -Truth” will also be released on 25th May 2018.